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African Crop Epidemiology System (ACES)

Last updated: 29/03/2023
IATI Identifier: XI-IATI-CABI-DR10141
Project disclaimer
Disclaimer: The data for this page has been produced from IATI data published by CABI. Please contact them (Show Email Address) if you have any questions about their data.


The project will take on 18 months of exploration and planning to establish the tools, technologies and partnerships needed to implement an early warning plant health system in East Africa and gather evidence to show that the proposed modelling and data approaches are feasible. Working with partners, the project activities are organized into four Work Areas: Work Area 1: Model design, development, testing, adaptation to country context (led by Cambridge University / CIMMYT); Work Area 2: Data aggregation, management, cleaning and interoperability (led by Scriptoria); Work Area 3: Landscape analysis of national and regional surveillance, early warning and response functions within current plant health systems (coordinated by CABI); Work Area 4: Develop a 5-year roadmap incorporating country implementation plans and regional actions (led by CABI).


ACES long-term vision of success is to have: (a) Improved surveillance, early warning and pest response functions of managing plant health through use of epidemiological models; (b) Built the capacity of institutions to utilize and act on information generated by epidemiological models; (c) Enabled data to be shared and analyzed across institutions and national boundaries; (d) Contributed to significantly lessened crop loss of smallholder farmers and thereby contributing to improved food security in Sub-Saharan Africa; (e) Developed an effective and sustainable system that receives support from participating governments, donors and the private sector.


The country, countries or regions that benefit from this Programme.
Ethiopia, Kenya, South of Sahara, regional
Disclaimer: Country borders do not necessarily reflect the UK Government's official position.

Status Completion

The current stage of the Programme, consistent with the International Aid Transparency Initiative's (IATI) classifications.

Programme Spend

Programme budget and spend to date, as per the amounts loaded in financial system(s), and for which procurement has been finalised.

Participating Organisation(s)

Help with participating organisations
These organisations have received funding disbursements from this IATI activity.
  • CABI
  • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
  • Met Office (Meteorological Office, UK)
  • Scriptoria Ltd
  • University of Cambridge


Sector groups as a percentage of total Programme budget according to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) classifications.


A comparison across financial years of forecast budget and spend to date on the Programme.

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Programme data last updated on 29/03/2023