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UK Government Spend

In the UK, the 0.7% commitment on Official Development Assistance (ODA) spend applies across government. The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) is the UK's primary channel for aid but in response to the changing world, more aid is administered by other government departments, drawing on their complementary skills.

The International Development Strategy sets the direction for all of the UK government's development work. Each department is responsible for ensuring that their own ODA budgets are allocated optimally, spent well and published to IATI.

Programmes by UK Government Department

Department £m % UK ODA%
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office £8,308m 72.3%
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy £929m 8.1%
Home Office £915m 8.0%
Conflict, Stability and Security Fund £430m 3.7%
Department of Health and Social Care £223m 1.9%
Cabinet Office £108m 0.9%
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs £76m 0.7%
Cross-Government Prosperity Fund £53m 0.5%
Department for Education £18m 0.2%
Department for Work and Pensions £9m 0.1%
Department for Culture, Media and Sports £7m 0.1%
Ministry of Defence £5m 0.0%
HM Revenue and Customs £3m 0.0%
HM Treasury £2m 0.0%
Office for National Statistics £2m 0.0%
Department of International Trade £0.4m 0.0%

Source: Statistics on International Development