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Africa Regional Department: Third Party Monitoring

Last updated: 22/04/2024
IATI Identifier: GB-COH-3799145-781-229822XR
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DFID’s Africa Regional Department (ARD) is the third largest spending department in DFID’s Africa Divisions, with a resource budget of £160 million for 2019/20. ARD operates programmes across a number of African countries, at the pan-African, regional or sub-regional levels, through a complex set of regional partners. ARD’s country footprint includes some of the world’s most fragile and poorest countries facing protracted humanitarian crises, across the Sahel and in the Central African Republic (CAR). The new DFID-FCO Joint Sahel Department (JSD) has a budget of £45m in 2019/20, and was established in November 2018. Until then, DFID programming covering the Sahel region were part of Africa Regional Department’s portfolio. Oversight of these portfolios has been identified as a key risk due to lack of DFID/JSD presence in many countries where ARD and JSD programmes are delivered, and a substantial portion of delivery taking place in insecure or inaccessible locations which limit scope for staff to monitor delivery through field visits. This makes it difficult for ARD and JSD to assure the quality of data reported by partners on the delivery of programme activities and results. DFID has engaged Coffey to provide third party monitoring (TPM) services to support the verification of programme monitoring in the Africa region across its portfolio of humanitarian, conflict, water, energy, climate change, trade, organised crime, and agricultural development programmes. The purpose of the TPM contract is to provide timely, relevant feedback on the quality of results systems, data and partner delivery that can be used by ARD and JSD staff and implementing partners to drive improvements to programme delivery and reporting, and to provide ARD and JSD with a higher level of assurance in what is delivered and achieved through the portfolios. It serves both learning and accountability functions.


The country, countries or regions that benefit from this Programme.
United Kingdom
Disclaimer: Country borders do not necessarily reflect the UK Government's official position.

Status Implementation

The current stage of the Programme, consistent with the International Aid Transparency Initiative's (IATI) classifications.

Programme Spend

Programme budget and spend to date, as per the amounts loaded in financial system(s), and for which procurement has been finalised.

Participating Organisation(s)

Help with participating organisations
These organisations have received funding disbursements from this IATI activity.
  • Cicores
  • Coffey International Development
  • Consilient Ltd
  • Elite Africa Research
  • ORB International
  • Research Plus Ltd
  • Social Development Direct Limited


Sector groups as a percentage of total Programme budget according to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) classifications.


A comparison across financial years of forecast budget and spend to date on the Programme.

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Programme data last updated on 22/04/2024