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Liberia Multi-stakeholder Forest Governance & Accountability Programme

Last updated: 29/11/2022
IATI Identifier: GB-COH-02863827-MFGAP-2019
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MFGAP will work with national stakeholders in Liberia to ensure accountability and oversight of Liberia’s EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process. The programme will work with the legislature to guarantee oversight, engage civil society and communities to raise awareness and ensure effective representation in the deliberation process, leverage independent media to raise awareness and communicate transparently, and promote innovative strategies to incentivise compliance by the private sector. Through a technical assistance facility based in Monrovia, our team and consortium partners will work in coordination across four outputs to build new levels of accountability into the Liberian VPA process: EMEA PC01 SOP01 TL02 Subcontract EMEA 2018 23 / 38 1. Ensuring that government services and agencies hold the Forest Development Authority to account on the regulation of forest production as enshrined in the VPA 2. Increase the capacity and engagement of civil society and community actors to monitor the forest sector and hold the government to account 3. Support independent media to hold government, civil society, communities and the private sector to account on the implementation of sector reforms framed by the VPA 4. Engage the private sector in policy development processes to address underlying causes of illegal and unsustainable practices and support compliance with national regulations


ClientEarth will mobilize its staff and resources to provide the following services to the MFGAP project as required: • Support with legal drafting, documenting, reporting and publishing • Delivery of legal training workshops to civil society organisations, community forest management bodies, community forest development committees, forest enterprises and other stakeholders • Support the legislature and government agencies to understand their legal obligations under the VPA


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Programme data last updated on 29/11/2022