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Supporting the Implementation of the ASEAN-RAI

Last updated: 23/02/2022
IATI Identifier: CA-CRA_ACR-127202349-LPVS5-LPVS6
Project disclaimer
Disclaimer: The data for this page has been produced from IATI data published by The International Institute for Sustainable Development .


As guiding, voluntary principles, the ASEAN-RAI must be operationalized by actors throughout the public, private and civil society sectors in order to have an on-the-ground impact in improving sustainable development outcomes for agricultural investments. Therefore, SMEs and domestic agribusinesses must be incentivized to adopt the ASEAN-RAI via relevant channels: national regulations and financial mechanisms. For government officials, this means ensuring their national framework of laws, regulations, and contracts embeds the principles of the ASEAN-RAI.


The outcome that the project aims to achieve is an increased quantity and quality of agribusiness investment and changes in the approach of donors, investors, and policymakers to commercial agricultural investments, in a way that enables increased smallholder incomes. This outcome is consistent with that of CASA, with greater emphasis on the role of ASEAN national governments. Progress towards achieving this outcome will be measured by the number of policy and investment decisions by governments, investors and agribusinesses which implement the ASEAN-RAI as a result of the activities and outputs of the programme.

Target Groups

The ultimate beneficiaries of the proposed project’s interventions are local smallholder farmers and their communities in areas affected by agricultural investments in AMS. These beneficiaries are often poor, vulnerable, landless or without formal land title, marginalized, and bear the brunt of the negative impacts of investment in agriculture when done poorly. Smallholder farmer communities stand to benefit greatly from agricultural investment1 if done well and in accordance with the principles of the ASEAN-RAI.


The country, countries or regions that benefit from this Programme.
Asia, regional
Disclaimer: Country borders do not necessarily reflect the UK Government's official position.

Status Implementation

The current stage of the Programme, consistent with the International Aid Transparency Initiative's (IATI) classifications.

Programme Spend

Programme budget and spend to date, as per the amounts loaded in financial system(s), and for which procurement has been finalised.

Participating Organisation(s)

Help with participating organisations
These organisations have received funding disbursements from this IATI activity.
  • Grow Asia
  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development


Sector groups as a percentage of total Programme budget according to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) classifications.


A comparison across financial years of forecast budget and spend to date on the Programme.

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Programme data last updated on 23/02/2022