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China Prosperity Fund programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Through the Prosperity Fund the UK works with China to address big global challenges, and promote sustainable economic growth while creating business opportunities. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Prosperity Fund enables the UK to work with China in addressing the biggest global challenges, such as climate change. The Prosperity Fund is also used to promote the conditions for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, while creating opportunities for international business, including UK companies. The China Prosperity Fund programme covers 4 areas: China’s business environment The programme will support progress towards a stronger rule of law including clearer judicial processes, dispute resolution and protection of intellectual property. This ultimately aims to lead to an improved, fairer business environment in which UK firms can operate. Financial services The programme will promote financial sector reform, employing policy and private sector expertise to: better regulate the Chinese financial sector build a more gender and socially inclusive economy enable UK and international businesses to enter the growing Chinese pensions and insurance markets Energy and low carbon The programme will match China’s specific areas for reform and change with UK energy and low carbon strengths, reducing global emissions by accelerating China’s energy transition. Infrastructure in third countries The programme will support and raise environmental and social standards in growth-enhancing Chinese-led infrastructure projects in developing countries in Africa and Asia, through promoting UK and international best practice in design, engineering, financial, professional and legal services.

Programme Id GB-GOV-3-PF-CHP
Start date 2016-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £50,305,364

Mexico Prosperity Fund programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

The Mexico Prosperity Fund Programme supports sustainable development and promotes economic reform and business innovation.

Programme Id GB-GOV-3-PF-MEX
Start date 2016-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £36,716,704.85

Turkey Prosperity Fund programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

The programmes primary purpose is to provide economic opportunities to drive inclusive growth in Turkey. It will do this through reforming key components of the Financial Services industry which underpin the Turkish economy, and in turn promote inclusive growth to decrease the poverty levels that exist in country. The key components are: · Financial inclusion and access · Capital markets development · Strengthening the Financial Technologies (Fintech) ecosystem. A more inclusive, productive and prosperous Turkey has a significant global benefit. Targeted interventions can guide and amplify Turkey’s Financial Services reform agenda by promoting and delivering inclusive sustainable economic reform. This would have secondary benefits through the increased trade and investment opportunities to local and international companies including British business.

Programme Id GB-GOV-3-PF-TUA
Start date 2016-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £1,397,662

Productivity for Prosperity (P4P)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

Productivity for Prosperity is a sustainable economic transformation programme that will increase labour productivity and climate-resilience in Tanzania’s job-creating sectors. It will achieve this through private sector development (investment facilitation, trade facilitation and building capabilities of firms) and business environment reform (supporting proportionate and predictable regulation). P4P will dovetail with the UK’s external engagement and influencing activities in Tanzania. P4P will initially prioritise the agroprocessing and horticulture sectors, and will provide flexible support to bolster the UK’s current and future prosperity objectives.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300116
Start date 2021-8-11
Status Implementation
Total budget £34,999,996

Poorest States Inclusive Growth Programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To enhance economic value generated for the poor as producers, consumers and employees by investing in impact enterprises. This will benefit up to 30 enterprises and generate employment incomes of at least £10m.To ensure poor and vulnerable people in low income states (especially women) benefit from economic growth through better access to financial services, and investing in private sector projects that will benefit the poor as producers, consumers and employers. This will benefit 12 million low income households with improved access to financial services and upto 30 enterprises in attracting additional investments worth £56 million.

Programme Id GB-1-114293
Start date 2011-11-21
Status Implementation
Total budget £63,723,081

Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion (HiFi)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To provide access to poor people to a broad range of financial services such as payments, savings, loans, and insurance by continuing to support piloting new ideas and approaches, and to support technical assistance regulators and commercial players for enhancing industry knowledge and practice about business models, pricing and design of financial products. Access to these services enables consumers to acquire productive assets, invest in health and education and make other purchases that enrich their lives.

Programme Id GB-1-203808
Start date 2014-9-17
Status Implementation
Total budget £75,131,300

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