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End Violence Against Children (EVAC Fund)

UK - Home Office

The UK Home Office recognises the moral and operational imperative to support the global fight against online child sexual exploitation (CSE). As such, the Home Office has committed £40 million towards the UNICEF hosted End Violence Against Children Fund (EVAC) to support activities intending to build international capacity to tackle online CSE. The EVAC's strategy for supporting international action aligned to the WePROTECT Global Alliance's (WPGA) strategy for national action. The WePROTECT Global Alliance combines expertise from industry, law enforcement, government and civil society to determine the capabilities required at country level to effectively respond to the threat of online CSE. Projects funded by the EVAC fund must demonstrate how they support the implementation of the WPGA's Model National Response.

Programme Id GB-GOV-6-03
Start date 2016-6-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £50,000,000

High quality statistics that improve lives globally

Office for National Statistics

Leading the provision of high quality technical assistance by the UK Office for National Statistics to build the capacity of statistical systems in developing countries. The team prioritises, plans and leads the provision of high-quality technical assistance, by its experts, to build the capacity of statistical systems in developing countries. Working with the rest of UK government to ensure that our work complements and supports our international objectives, we work at two levels: We have developed medium-term partnerships with some core National Statistical offices on statistical modernisation. We harness ONS expertise to support global statistical programmes and share best practices through the international statistical system.

Programme Id GB-GOV-24-High quality statistics that improve lives globally
Start date 2022-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £12,600,000

China Prosperity Fund programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Through the Prosperity Fund the UK works with China to address big global challenges, and promote sustainable economic growth while creating business opportunities. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Prosperity Fund enables the UK to work with China in addressing the biggest global challenges, such as climate change. The Prosperity Fund is also used to promote the conditions for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, while creating opportunities for international business, including UK companies. The China Prosperity Fund programme covers 4 areas: China’s business environment The programme will support progress towards a stronger rule of law including clearer judicial processes, dispute resolution and protection of intellectual property. This ultimately aims to lead to an improved, fairer business environment in which UK firms can operate. Financial services The programme will promote financial sector reform, employing policy and private sector expertise to: better regulate the Chinese financial sector build a more gender and socially inclusive economy enable UK and international businesses to enter the growing Chinese pensions and insurance markets Energy and low carbon The programme will match China’s specific areas for reform and change with UK energy and low carbon strengths, reducing global emissions by accelerating China’s energy transition. Infrastructure in third countries The programme will support and raise environmental and social standards in growth-enhancing Chinese-led infrastructure projects in developing countries in Africa and Asia, through promoting UK and international best practice in design, engineering, financial, professional and legal services.

Programme Id GB-GOV-3-PF-CHP
Start date 2016-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £50,305,364

The UK’s contribution to the Facility for Refugees in Turkey, FRIT 2

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The Facility will help people who have fled the conflict in Syria and now live in Turkey. Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world, including 3.6 million Syrians. Support will include humanitarian assistance, education, healthcare and employment support. Helping refugees and host communities in the region makes an important contribution to addressing the European refugee crisis. All decisions on programme funding are in line with the UK Aid Strategy.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300499
Start date 2019-6-25
Status Implementation
Total budget £139,989,514

Asia Regional Child Labour Programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The programme will target the worst forms of child labour in Asia, including bonded child labour. It will invest in building new evidence of how best to tackle child labour, pilot and assess different approaches and support policy dialogue with governments and regional bodies. As a regional programme, it will also engage closely with DFID country offices to help them scale up work on child labour in their programmes in the future.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300552
Start date 2019-1-22
Status Implementation
Total budget £22,573,752

Rural Access Programme 3

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To improve road access for 800,000 members of rural communities in the Western Region of Nepal, thereby improving economic opportunities and increasing access to markets and social services throughout the year. The project will lift 20,000 people out of poverty through access to work, skill trainings, and will promote equal opportunities for women. The project aims to contribute towards sustainable poverty reduction through investments in high value crops and will lay the foundations for private sector led development in the poorest region in the country. Climate variability and climate change are integrated in building new roads and maintaining existing roads through the programme.

Programme Id GB-1-203186
Start date 2013-1-28
Status Implementation
Total budget £0

Aawaz II - Inclusion, Accountability and Preventing Modern Slavery Programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To support a Pakistani society and government institutions that support increased voice, choice and control for marginalised groups, protect them from exploitation and prevent discrimination and intolerance at all levels. The programme has a focus on child labour, gender-based violence, child and force marriages, and intolerance against minorities and other socially excluded groups.

Programme Id GB-1-204605
Start date 2015-8-13
Status Implementation
Total budget £55,847,462

FCDO Prosperity Fund: Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

FCDO Prosperity Fund: Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)

Programme Id GB-GOV-3-PF
Start date 2016-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £37,951,860.87

PIDG2 - Second phase of DFID's Support to the Private Infrastructure Development Group .

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The aim of PIDG is to mobilise private investment in infrastructure, in order to increase service provision for the poor, boost economic growth, trade and jobs to alleviate poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300351
Start date 2018-5-11
Status Implementation
Total budget £803,572,846

Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)

Programme Id GB-GOV-3-CSSF
Start date 2017-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £1,168,915,063

Pioneer Outcomes Funds (POF) - a programme to leverage private finance into high performing development projects using Impact Bonds and other pay-for-outcomes models at scale to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

A multi-donor programme to commission development projects effectively and efficiently using new instruments that facilitate better links between financial markets and providers delivering pay-for-success contracts.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300539
Start date 2020-3-17
Status Implementation
Total budget £169,599,999

Accelerating Ethiopia's Economic Transformation

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To provide support to Ethiopian Government for its industrialization agenda that focuses on light manufacturing, priority sectors, financial deepening and investment climate.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300702
Start date 2020-3-27
Status Implementation
Total budget £21,324,945

Better Delivery on Jobs

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To increase the impact on job creation and incomes in developing countries of the policies and programmes of DFID, the World Bank, other donors, development finance institutions and NGOs. Working primarily through a World Bank Trust Fund on Jobs this programme will strengthen the international community’s work by engaging with governments and the private sector, on issues including youth employment, fragile states and improving data on jobs.

Programme Id GB-1-204253
Start date 2015-2-24
Status Implementation
Total budget £15,798,256

Skills for Employment Programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

This programme will provide young Nepalis with the opportunities to improve their employability, productivity and decision-making. It will continue and expand DFID’s ambition on skills training in Nepal, by providing skills training to at least 100,000 poor and disadvantaged young Nepalis - especially women- so that they can access better jobs and higher incomes. In response to the April 2015 earthquake, one component will focus DFID resources on providing skills to Nepalis in earthquake-resistant housing construction to help with the enormous reconstruction needs in earthquake-affected districts.

Programme Id GB-1-204857
Start date 2015-9-29
Status Implementation
Total budget £29,500,003

Jordan Compact Economic Opportunities Programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To promote economic development and opportunities in Jordan for the benefit of both Jordanians and Syrian refugees. This programme will attract new inward investment and open up economic markets for Jordanian goods and services, creating new jobs for Jordanians and Syrian refugees as set out in the Jordan Compact. The programme will also help Jordanian hosts maintain their resilience and economic stability.

Programme Id GB-1-205201
Start date 2016-7-22
Status Implementation
Total budget £229,059,312

Syria Humanitarian Protection Programme (SHPP)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The Syria Protection Programme will provide civilians affected by armed conflict with specialised protection services

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300488
Start date 2018-10-17
Status Implementation
Total budget £57,211,844

St Helena Financial Aid 2022 to 2023

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The UK Government has international commitments to meet the reasonable assistance needs of the citizens of St Helena. This bridges the gap between the domestic revenues collected and the costs of delivering public services on the island. This includes bringing in necessary international expertise to provide skills and experience not available on island and maintaining access to the island

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-301398
Start date 2022-3-30
Status Implementation
Total budget £31,790,000

Gender-Responsive Social Protection

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To enhance outcomes for women and girls from social protection systems, DFID will generate high quality research and evidence on what interventions are most effective, and provide advisory services and resources to DFID and partners such as the World Bank and UNICEF. This will allow them to design, implement and monitor and evaluate social protection systems that deliver improved results for women and girls. This will reduce poverty, improve access to education and health, reduce violence against women and girls, and improve economic opportunities for the poorest and most marginalised women and girls, contributing to SDG 1 (end poverty) and 5 (gender equality). The programme will work in both stable and fragile contexts, and will have a particular focus on strengthening outcomes for women and girls with disabilities.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300468
Start date 2018-7-18
Status Implementation
Total budget £19,336,086

Better Assistance in Crises (Social Protection)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The programme will help poor and vulnerable people to cope better with crises and meet their basic needs through more effective social assistance in contexts of recurrent shocks, protracted conflict and forced displacement. It will address the bottlenecks at global and country level that prevent greater use of social protection approaches in crises, through expert advisory services for country support, capacity building, learning, coordination and high-level policy influencing, and high quality research that strengthens the evidence on what works in different contexts.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300467
Start date 2018-10-30
Status Implementation
Total budget £20,517,144

Ethiopia Crises 2 Resilience (EC2R)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The Ethiopia Crises to Resilience (EC2R) programme is aimed to alleviate the impact of the conflict and drought to the poorest Ethiopians. The programme tries to address urgent humanitarian needs while maintaining the delivery of essential services across the country.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-301474
Start date 2022-1-31
Status Implementation
Total budget £194,989,659

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