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On and off Grid Small Scale Renewable Energy in Uganda

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To improve the environment for private investment in Uganda’s renewable energy sector by accelerating the market for off grid solar energy and supporting the construction of at least 17 on-grid small scale power plants. This will increase Uganda’s energy production by approximately 20%, improve access to clean and modern energy for over 200,000 households and businesses or 1.2m people; mobilise up to £240 million in private finance and stabilise Uganda’s power sector finances by saving approximately $260m to 2.7bn during the period 2013-35, and lead to greenhouse gas emission savings of between 1 and 10 MtCO2e.

Programme Id GB-1-203624
Start date 2013-3-11
Status Implementation
Total budget £27,499,995

Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

Renewable Energy Performance Platform is a private finance investment vehicle to mobilise private sector development activity and investment in small and medium scale renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa. This is through providing technical assistance, development capital and ‘viability gap’ financing, giving communities access to clean energy supplies and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-301517
Start date 2022-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £10,280,000

Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, 2014-2021

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To improve the lives of the Afghan people by providing financial support to improve the Government of Afghanistan’s capability to implement development projects and reforms. This will benefit people in all provinces of Afghanistan by improving access to basic services, infrastructure, governance and community representation. This supports the SDGs through a range of interventions, and will remain the main mechanism for coordinated donor support to Afghanistan for many years to come.

Programme Id GB-1-204158
Start date 2014-11-11
Status Implementation
Total budget £730,000,000

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