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The eco.business Fund

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The eco.business fund is a public-private partnership investment fund which aims to shift incentives in financial institutions (i.e. Banks) towards investing in nature, by embedding social and environmental risk into investment decisions, catalysing transformational change in the financial sector. The fund will increase lending to businesses which incorporate sustainable practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation to its impact across South America: Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

Programme Id GB-GOV-7-ICF-P0003-EcoB
Start date 2015-12-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £32,625,178

The Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL) - Bio Carbon Fund

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

A multilateral project administered by the World Bank which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the land use sector through sustainable landscape management, whilst improving the livelihoods of forest communities. The ISFL combines upfront technical assistance with results-based finance which rewards countries which implement landscape-level approaches that reduce emissions from the forest and land-use sector. ISFL works with 5 countries: Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mexico and Zambia. Defra is supporting programmes in Indonesia and Zambia with upfront finance and potentially all countries with results based finance.

Programme Id GB-GOV-7-ICF-P0004-ISFL
Start date 2013-12-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £65,100,000

Land Degradation Neutrality Fund

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The LDN Fund invests in projects which reduce or reverse land degradation and thereby contribute to ‘Land Degradation Neutrality’. The LDN Fund is co-promoted by the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and Mirova. It is a public-private partnership using public money to increase private sector investment in sustainable development. The fund invests in sustainable agriculture, forestry and other land uses globally. The Fund was launched at the UNCCD’s COP 13 in China in 2017.

Programme Id GB-GOV-7-PO009-LDN
Start date 2019-12-12
Status Implementation
Total budget £10,000,000

Blue Forests Initiative

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The Blue Forests Initiative aims to design a holistic model for replication for community-led mangrove forest restoration and protection. The programme operates in Madagascar and Indonesia, working with local coastal communities to reduce the deforestation of mangrove habitat, create new sustainable livelihoods, support community health and women’s empowerment and increase climate resilience in coastal communities.

Programme Id GB-GOV-7-ICF-P0001-BV
Start date 2016-12-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £10,145,972

UK Blue Carbon Fund

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The Fund will promote the sustainable management, conservation and restoration of mangrove habitats by developing and embedding operational blue carbon markets across the Caribbean and Latin America that provide local communities with a sustainable income and assist in moving low-income countries towards low-emission, climate-resilient development.

Start date 2018-12-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £13,782,456

Agriculture Transformation in Ghana

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To accelerate economic transformation in Ghana through developing markets for agriculture and trade, improving resilience to climate change, and creating additional jobs and increased incomes by focusing on the development of high potential value chains in pro-poor sectors, supporting them to become productive, competitive and attractive for investment.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300794
Start date 2019-11-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £1,822,770

Forest Governance, Markets and Climate

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

A global programme supporting governance and market reforms aimed at reducing the illegal use of forest resources, benefitting poor forest-dependent people and promoting sustainable growth in developing countries.

Programme Id GB-1-201724
Start date 1900-1-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £278,654,827

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