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Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The Cities4Forests programme provides a network, between cities in developing nations, to share lessons learned and baselines on forest restoration and protection programmes. This allows best practice to be identified and adopted across cities’ interventions and facilitates accelerated innovation. Defra’s investment in Cities4Forests will finance specific activities that will help decision makers and officials in cities, in a number of developing countries, access tools, resources and technical assistance that can support them in developing policies and interventions to protect and restore forests. The programme will also seek to deliver a ‘global mayoral declaration’ on the value of trees and forests and their role in combatting climate change. The programme will focus on: strengthening institutional capacity and capability through technical assistance to improve developing country’s city government support for and investment in trees, forests, and green infrastructure; supporting developing country’s city governments to increase investment (political, economic, and social) and implement new and/or improved programs to support the management and conservation of inner and nearby forests; supporting and encouraging developing country mayors to increase political action and support for trees and forests as a solution for combatting climate change, supporting better water management, and improving human health and well-being.

Programme Id GB-GOV-7-PO020-C4F
Start date 2020-1-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £560,000

BioCarbon Fund (BioCF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Fund will provide technical assistance for REDD+ implementation and measures which improve the enabling environment for private sector investment; offer a finance for Verified Emission Reductions associated with avoided deforestation; and secures private sector finance, for example through purchasing commitments for sustainable commodities produced in the jurisdiction (sometimes called ‘offtake agreements’). Each country programme under the BioCarbon Fund will operate at the jurisdiction-scale, that is within a landscape-wide area that is governed by a single political jurisdiction.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0016-BioCF
Start date 2013-11-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £50,000,000

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) was established in 2008 to assist developing countries in their efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and foster conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (all activities commonly referred to as "REDD+") by providing value to standing forests. The FCPF is a multi-donor Trust Fund managed by the World Bank. It has two separate but complementary funding mechanisms — the Readiness Fund and the Carbon Fund.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0017-FCPF
Start date 2014-4-22
Status Implementation
Total budget £130,000,000

Partnerships for Forests (P4F)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Partnerships for Forests programme (P4F) supports investment models in which the private sector, public sector and communities can achieve shared value from forests and sustainable land use. It aims to add value to standing forests by incubating new investments in agroforestry and non-timber forest products, and helping local and indigenous community enterprises, smallholder farmers and larger businesses connect to new markets and scale up production. It can also target commodities that have traditionally driven large-scale deforestation, facilitating multi-stakeholder approaches and solutions which support transitions to sustainable production models to fulfil zero-deforestation supply-chain commitments.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0018-P4F
Start date 2017-8-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £18,130,000

REDD Early Movers (REM) Programme

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The REDD+ Early Movers (REM) Programme, currently operational in Latin America, aims to reward countries or jurisdictions considered as pioneers in forest protection and climate mitigation. It targets countries or regions that have already taken ambitious actions to protect forests and provides conditional payments upon verified emission reductions from avoided deforestation (REDD+). Results-based payments in the REM Programme are invested according to a “benefit-sharing strategy” that has been jointly agreed by partners.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0019-REM
Start date 2015-9-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £73,200,000

TEFOS (“Territorios Forestales Sostenibles” in Spanish and “Forest, Communities and Sustainable Growth” in English)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

TEFOS (formerly “ForTREES For People) aims to stabilise the deforestation frontier in the areas of Colombia most acutely threatened by deforestation and affected by conflict, by improving land systems and usage rights, building capacity to effectively tackle environmental crime, and promoting sustainable forest livelihoods and enterprises.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0039-ForTREES
Start date 2020-3-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £64,000,000

Mobilising Finance for Forests (MFF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Mobilising Finance for Forests (MFF) will use a blended finance investment approach to combat deforestation and other environmentally unsustainable land use practices in tropical forest regions that are contributing to global climate change.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0040-MFF
Start date 2021-2-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £150,000,000

Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest finance (LEAF) Coalition

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The LEAF Coalition (LEAF) is an ambitious new public-private initiative designed to accelerate climate action and reduce deforestation by providing results-based finance to countries committed to protecting their tropical forests.

Programme Id GB-GOV-13-ICF-0042-LEAF
Start date 2021-11-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £200,000,000

Investments in Forests and Sustainable Land Use

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To support public-private partnerships that demonstrate how companies, communities, smallholders and governments can work collaboratively to reduce deforestation and benefit forest dependent communities

Programme Id GB-1-202745
Start date 2014-11-25
Status Implementation
Total budget £115,045,873

ARCAN - Africa Regional Climate and Nature Programme

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The impact will be increased resilience of Africa economies and communities to the impacts of a changing climate, sustainable and environmentally sound economic development and low carbon green energy generation and access.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300808
Start date 2022-1-12
Status Implementation
Total budget £98,198,065

Productivity for Prosperity (P4P)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

Productivity for Prosperity is a sustainable economic transformation programme that will increase labour productivity and climate-resilience in Tanzania’s job-creating sectors. It will achieve this through private sector development (investment facilitation, trade facilitation and building capabilities of firms) and business environment reform (supporting proportionate and predictable regulation). P4P will dovetail with the UK’s external engagement and influencing activities in Tanzania. P4P will initially prioritise the agroprocessing and horticulture sectors, and will provide flexible support to bolster the UK’s current and future prosperity objectives.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300116
Start date 2021-8-11
Status Implementation
Total budget £34,999,996

Forest Governance, Markets and Climate

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

A global programme supporting governance and market reforms aimed at reducing the illegal use of forest resources, benefitting poor forest-dependent people and promoting sustainable growth in developing countries.

Programme Id GB-1-201724
Start date 1900-1-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £278,654,827

Reducing Deforestation Through Improved Spatial Planning in Papua Provinces, Indonesia

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

The objective of the programme is to support Indonesia and the provinces of Papua and West Papua to improve spatial plan processes and implementation in order to prevent deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Technical assistance will be provided to improve the revision and implementation of Papua and West Papua provincial spatial plans; to improve transparency and build constituency in spatial planning at provincial level; and to foster national policy dialogue and engagement to support Papua’s commitment to protect its forest. Support will be focused largely on two provinces – Papua and West Papua – and relevant national ministries (particularly Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning), which offer the potential to realise significant reductions in emissions through improved land use planning and economic development strategies which recognise the value of forests to the provincial economies.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-300424
Start date 2017-12-14
Status Implementation
Total budget £4,790,372

Colombia: Forests, Communities & Sustainable Growth (Territorios Forestales Sostenibles)

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO)

To stabilise the deforestation frontier in the areas of Colombia most acutely threatened by deforestation and affected by conflict, by improving land systems and usage rights, building capacity to effectively tackle environmental crime, and promoting sustainable forest livelihoods and enterprises.

Programme Id GB-GOV-1-301502
Start date 2022-4-1
Status Implementation
Total budget £51,315,639

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