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Climate Investment Funds (CIFs)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The $8 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF) accelerates climate action by empowering transformations in clean technology, energy access, climate resilience, and sustainable forests in developing and middle income countries. The CIF’s large-scale, low-cost, long-term financing lowers the risk and cost of climate financing. It tests new business models, builds track records in unproven markets, and boosts investor confidence to unlock additional sources of finance.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0004-CIF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-05-2009
Budget: £1,343,338,192

Green Africa Power LLP

Private Infrastructure Development Group

GAP has the ambitious target to finance approximately 270MW of new renewable energy generation capacity in four years, saving 3.9m tonnes of carbon emissions and improving the supply of clean energy to millions of people in Africa.;

Project Identifier: XM-DAC-47086-GAP
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 04-04-2013
Budget: £395,000,000

Green Climate Fund (GCF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

To increase the scale of climate change finance and support low-carbon, climate resilient growth in developing countries. The Green Climate Fund will finance projects and programmes in a range of developing countries, including the poorest and most vulnerable, through a range of financial instruments and terms designed to meet country priorities and needs. It will also leverage private finance in support of low-carbon, climate resilient development.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0005-GCF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-04-2015
Budget: £339,999,961

The Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Facility

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The NAMA Facility is targeted fund set up in 2012 by Germany and the UK to help finance measures that tackle and shift challenging sectors within a country’s climate mitigation action plans. Projects in these plans (their Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions Plans) funded by the NAMA Facility offer good potential for replication and are important building blocks towards implementing ambitious NDCs. The NAMA Facility is unique within the ICF for its open access competitive structure and projects are wide ranging in terms type (energy efficiency, transport, agriculture, renewables, waste) and geography (Asia, Africa and South and Central America) and noticeable for high level of country support.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0007-NAMA
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-12-2012
Budget: £246,200,000

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) is managed by the World Bank. It was established in 2008 to assist developing countries in their efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and foster conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (all activities commonly referred to as "REDD+") by providing value to standing forests. The FCPF has two separate but complementary funding mechanisms — the Readiness Fund and the Carbon Fund.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0017-FCPF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 22-04-2014
Budget: £130,000,000

Sustainable Infrastructure Programme (SIP) - Latin America 

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The UK Sustainable Infrastructure Programme in Latin America is a £177.5m bilateral programme funded by the UK International Climate Finance (ICF) and delivered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to support partner countries achieve their emission reduction commitments by mobilising private investment into low-carbon infrastructure. The programme works across four priority countries in Latin America, specifically Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, to reduce the market barriers to investment. The programme will span an initial investment period of 5 years (Nov 2017 – 2022).

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0014-SIPLA
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-11-2017
Budget: £102,000,000

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan 2017/18 - 2020/21

UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

To enhance the numbers of well qualified post graduates, academics and professionals working in development related fields in Commonwealth developing countries, with an appropriate Gender balance

Project Identifier: GB-1-204043
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 27-03-2017
Total Budget: £100,343,000

UK Climate Investments (UKCI)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

UK Climate Investments (UKCI) is a joint venture between the Green Investment Group, now part of Macquarie, and the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). UKCI invests in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects across sub-Saharan Africa and India to demonstrate that low carbon development is possible, replicable at scale, commercially viable and capable of lowering carbon emissions and supporting economic growth. The fund (£200m of UK International Climate Finance) provides late-stage minority equity investments on a commercial basis to get projects off the ground that would not otherwise reach financial close.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0015-UKCI
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-06-2015
Budget: £86,716,002

Market Accelerator for Green Construction (MAGC)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

UK is providing funding to a major new programme (Market Accelerator for Green Construction) with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to build demonstration portfolios of green construction at scale, reducing emissions, mobilising new finance and inspiring markets to shift towards the new energy efficient buildings of the future.  

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0032-MAGC
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-11-2018
Budget: £80,480,000

REDD Early Movers programme (REM)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The REDD Early Movers Programme is a global programme designed to reward pioneers in forest conservation and climate protection, providing conditional payments to countries or regions upon verified emission reductions from deforestation.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0019-REM
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-09-2015
Budget: £73,199,000

International Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The project aims to raise the level of technical understanding of Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) within key developing countries and emerging economies with high emissions (such as South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia and China), leading to the establishment of the necessary policy frameworks and incentive structures to support commercial, large-scale CCUS demonstration and ultimately accelerate the deployment of CCUS.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0001-CCUS
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 25-04-2012
Budget: £70,000,000

Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The REPP programme provides support to private sector developers of  small scale renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa.  REPP supports solar, hydro, biomass, biogas, geothermal, and wind projects up to 25MW installed capacity (up to 50MW for wind). REPP provides technical assistance direct to project developers, provides pre-construction and bridging loans, post-construction financing, and equity financing.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0013-REPP
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-12-2015
Budget: £67,999,249

Transformational Carbon Asset Fund (TCAF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Transformative Carbon Asset Facility will target sector or policy wide programmes where the implementing country is planning to take climate mitigation action. This could be via regulations, fiscal policies, feed-in-tariff or incentives. As long as these plans are in line with the TCAF programme selection criteria, in collaboration with the implementing entity (normally a Government ministry) TCAF will design a methodology that pays for the verified emissions reductions of the programme above its intended ambition, giving targeted support to unlock the barriers to allow the increased ambition to be realised.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0027-TCAF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-08-2016
Budget: £60,000,000

Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

GCPF is a public-private partnership which seeks to mobilise investment flows in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in developing and emerging markets, with the aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GCPF primarily does this by providing debt finance via local financial institutions, extending credit lines so they can offer loans for small-scale low carbon projects. A small proportion of the fund (9% at end-2018) is used for direct investments. GCPF also supports local finance institutions through technical assistance and capacity building.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0011-GCPF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-12-2013
Budget: £54,584,844

Royal Society - Global Challenge Research Fund

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The objective of the Global Challenges Research Fund is to ensure that UK research takes a leading role in addressing the problems faced by developing countries. This fund will harness the expertise of the UK’s research base to pioneer new ways of tackling global challenges such as in strengthening resilience and response to crises; promoting global prosperity; and tackling extreme poverty and helping the world’s most vulnerable.”

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-RS-GCRF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-04-2015
Budget: £52,440,000

Climate Public Private Partnership Programme (CP3)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

CP3 aims to demonstrate that climate friendly investments in developing countries, including in renewable energy, water, energy efficiency and forestry are not only ethically right but also commercially viable. It aims to attract new forms of finance such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds into these areas by creating two commercial private equity funds of funds which will invest in subfunds and projects in developing countries, creating track records of investment performance which should in turn encourage further investments and accelerate the growth of investment in climate.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0010-CP3
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-01-2012
Budget: £50,217,370

BioCarbon Fund (BioCF)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Fund will provide technical assistance for REDD+ implementation and measures which improve the enabling environment for private sector investment; offer a finance for Verified Emission Reductions associated with avoided deforestation; and secures private sector finance, for example through purchasing commitments for sustainable commodities produced in the jurisdiction (sometimes called ‘offtaker agreements’). Each country programme under the BioCarbon Fund will operate at the jurisdiction-scale, that is within a landscape-wide area that is governed by a single political jurisdiction.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0016-BioCF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-11-2013
Budget: £50,000,000

Carbon Initiative For Development (Ci-Dev)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Ci-Dev will invest in low carbon technologies that deliver community and household level benefits, particularly focused on improving poor peoples’ access to clean energy. By successfully demonstrating the ability of carbon finance to deliver low carbon development in least developed countries Ci-Dev hopes to increase future carbon finance flows to these countries. 

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0025-CiDev
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-03-2013
Budget: £36,256,853

UK Vaccine Network - Clinical Vaccine Development Competition

UK - Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

Populations of the low and middle income countries where outbreaks of the UK Vaccine Network 12 priority pathogens occur.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-10-UKVN-CVD-IUK
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-01-2017
Budget: £34,999,997

Global Infrastructure Programme

Cross-government Prosperity Fund

The Programme aims to develop the capacity of middle-income countries to develop major successful infrastructure projects in the partner countries above. To achieve this impact, the programme will: train officials in UK best practice methodologies in infrastructure project planning, preparation and delivery; encourage long-term adoption of these methodologies via policy and process changes; support a number of specific pilot infrastructure projects, using the methodologies, in selected partner countries to demonstrate effectiveness and embed their use Meeting these objectives will assist the countries to develop the economic and social infrastructure they need to sustain inclusive economic growth. They will also increase the number of good infrastructure projects coming to market as viable investment propositions, helping to reduce the infrastructure gap (increasing the number of proposed projects being completed). It will also attract investors and lenders to deliver the infrastructure projects offering opportunities to international business as a secondary benefit, including from the UK.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-14-INFRA
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: N/A
Budget: £34,000,000

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