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Darwin Initiative Round 23

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The Darwin Initiative is a UK government grants scheme that helps to protect biodiversity and the natural environment through locally based projects worldwide. The initiative funds projects that help countries rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resources to meet their objectives under one or more of the biodiversity conventions. The objective is to to address threats to biodiversity such as: - habitat loss or degradation - climate change - invasive species - over-exploitation - pollution and eutrophication.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-7-DAR23
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-04-2018
Budget: £7,619,619

Chicken or Egg: Drivers for Antimicrobial Resistance in Poultry in India (DARPI)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The main objectives of DARPI are: 1. Determine the drivers for antimicrobial use (AMU), by undertaking participatory rural appraisal and rapid ethnographic assessment at key stages along the broiler meat food system. 2. Map, define the socio-economic context and identify hotspots within the poultry meat food system, by quantifying AMU and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at key points of the system. 3. Determine rational use protocols and alternatives to AMs, through in vivo and in vitro studies that minimize AMR selection, and analyse risks for dissemination of AMR. 4. Co-design and assess AMU/AMR interventions with people who work and use the broiler meat food system. Objectives 1 and 2 are important for understanding the complexity of the drivers of AMU and AMR in the broiler meat system in its entirety and provide data that inform studies in Objective 3, and allow pressure points for AMU and AMR to be identified and visualised, which will aid the co-design of interventions with stakeholders for Objective 4. The supply chain from breeder to retail will be followed with integrated collection of qualitative and quantitative data, providing valuable opportunities for training in social design and ethnographic methodology. We will determine practices, use and the drivers for use of AM, and quantify the abundance and diversity of AMR along this chain, supported by in vivo and in vitro studies, including investigating alternatives to antimicrobials and alternative AMU strategies, with all of this subject to economic analysis. These will inform rational use and the development of participatory design tools to co-design and ensure that interventions are feasible, acceptable and cost-effective; with consideration of the future trajectory of the Indian poultry industry, so that approaches are scalable, sustainable and able to react to accommodate anticipated trajectory development within the Indian context. Objective 1 will be led by the by Royal Holloway University with the University of Arts and the Centre for Disease Dynamics Economics & Policy (CDDEP), but with involvement of other Indian institutes. Objective 2 will involve all institutes in contributing to data (qualitative, quantitative, economic) and sample collection, and analysis; specific work packages have been designed to contribute to these objectives, with the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB) leading along with the University of Liverpool, Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU), and the Poultry Disease Diagnosis and Surveillance Laboratory (PDDSL) of the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, contributing to metadata and sample collection and determining the presence and context of AMR in the broiler meat chain. The economic context will be led by the University of Edinburgh, Liverpool and CDDEP and they will also contribute to objectives 3 and 4. Objective 3 will be led by Indian Council for Agricultural Research - Directorate of Poultry Research and Liverpool, with contributions from NIAB, KVAFSU and PDDSL, with the risk of dissemination addressed by Royal Veterinary College London, who will also contribute to data analysis across objectives 1-3. Finally, the co-design aspects of objective 4 will be led by the University of Arts and CDDEP.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-FUND--Newton-ES_S000216_1
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-07-2018
Budget: £1,516,166

Embodied Performance Practices in Processes of Reconciliation, Construction of Memory and Peace in Choco and Medio Pacifico, Colombia

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The main objectives of the proposed research project are: To research, document, archive, and disseminate the embodied artistic practices that performance practitioners and post-armed conflict Colombian communities are doing together in order to work through their memories of trauma and conflict thereby enabling reconciliation; To interview vulnerable members of the communities affected by the armed conflict, and the performance artists working with them; to then collect material (film footage, oral histories, memorabilia) for a digital archive that we will co-create together and make available to academic and non-academic audiences; To organize workshops and events in Colombia alongside our project partner, Corp-Oraloteca, with performance artists, vulnerable community members, and Colombian academics in Colombia; To organize events in the UK that reconsider memory, trauma, and knowledge production among vulnerable communities affected by armed conflict through embodied practices; To produce a range of outputs, including two journal articles (in Spanish and English), a special topics issue for e-journal Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies, conferences panels and papers, a digital archive. Project Outputs: a) ethnographic research, pedagogical exchanges which will lead to co-creation of a digital archive with the communities, sharing the diverse artistic initiatives implemented within the communities. This will be done through ethnographic interviews and dialogues with (either video or audio) of artists, practitioners and community members. It will feature footage from workshop events, practices, interviews with stakeholders, Colombian academics, community arts practitioners. i)Overview of Field: Collation and establishment of preliminary archive of artist and community-led initiatives of embodied practices of great visibility in the last 5 years with the expertise brought to the project of Corp-Oraloteca, our project partner ii) fieldwork with the assistance and participation of Corp-Oraloteca: 4 municipalities, 2 visits to each, 10 days duration per visit, total of 80 days of ethnographic fieldwork b) host two events in Colombia: i) one at Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia where members of the affected communities can gather, attend, and help co-produce the archive in relation to the workshops on memory; ii) one at Corp-Oraloteca, Quibdó, Colombia where members of the four communities would be in attendance for dialogic exchanges. c) host 5 workshop sessions on memory at Universidad de Antioquia to share and disseminate ideas, pedagogies, and best practice procedures. The topics would be developed in conjunction with the on-going project and stakeholders' interest and input and then contribute to, and inform the events above in section b). d) host two events at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK i) a showcase of the project for wider participation among scholars of dance, theatre and performance studies, Latin American studies, visual culture, digital humanities, cultural geography ii) a symposium on comparative post-conflict approaches featuring artist-scholars that work on post-conflict e) curate and present a panel/roundtable at the Dance Studies Association 2019, Rutgers University based around research project; show archives in progress; invite 3 of our community arts workers from Colombia to attend/present/share f) journal articles in Spanish by Colombian PI and Co-I for Latin American Studies journal, then an English version/translation submitted g) Proposed UK PI, Dr Blanco Borelli, is incoming Editor of the journal of Dance Studies Association (DSA), Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies. We will create dedicated special issue on topic of Dance, Memory, Trauma and Reconciliation that will feature extensive details about the project as well as invite submissions related tothis theme from a transcultural, comparative perspective.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-FUND--Newton-AH_R013748_1
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 11-07-2018
Budget: £236,757

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