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Mongolia's New Ecological Police: Global Standards and Community Engagementt

Last updated: 14/09/2023
IATI Identifier: GB-COH-RC000749-IWTC-ASC56-003
Project disclaimer
Disclaimer: The data for this page has been produced from IATI data published by Zoological Society of London.


This collaboratively designed project will build upon ZSL's past two IWT CF projects, and ZSL's upcoming Segre funded project. This project will, bring ZSL’s UK partners/international standards, will decrease poaching and disrupt trade through four components: 1) building EPD and partners’ LE efficacy by institutionalising a training curriculum and cadre of trainers, enabling intra-agency collaboration; 2) increasing EPD strategic targeting and national standards for Detector Dog Units’ (DDU) training, handling and deployment across LE agencies and IWT hotspots and upgrading facilities; 3) strengthening EPD's rural engagement which empowers vulnerable rural communities to mitigate IWT by partnering at a demonstration site - Arkhangai Local Protected Area (LPA) that can support governance, income diversification and improved well-being; and 4) bolstering EPD’s national recognition as a leading IWT LE agency through public awareness and results-sharing.


The country, countries or regions that benefit from this Programme.
United Kingdom
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The current stage of the Programme, consistent with the International Aid Transparency Initiative's (IATI) classifications.

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  • Zoological Society of London


Sector groups as a percentage of total Programme budget according to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) classifications.


A comparison across financial years of forecast budget and spend to date on the Programme.

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Programme data last updated on 14/09/2023